In the Name of God

Salutations & Blessings

I hereby announce that the political doctrine of the Erfan Keyhani Halgheh school is rooted in the ideology of ‘Interuniversalism’, introduced in this school of thought for several decades. This mystic (Erfan) approach, in its true sense, seeks to revive human dignity and integrity. A significant achievement of this approach, the ‘Novel Human Rights’ represents the undeniable rights of human beings, with specific emphasis on avoiding any form of slavery, including traditional, political, modern slavery, etc., aiming to define and subsequently bring all-encompassing human freedom into realization. (In the near future, a proposed Universal Declaration of Novel Human Rights will be presented)

The practical outcome of this line of thought and viewpoint has advanced the presentation of the ‘Manifesto (Declaration) for the Free Iran Renaissance’ in which key and key points and fundamental elements, such as the rejection of political slavery of the Iranian nation, are strongly emphasized and targeted. Renaissance thinking prevents any group or individual from seizing power and offers a practical plan to transfer the power and management of the country into the hands of the people, rather than individuals who ultimately engage in looting and oppressing the people. It aims to prevent future dictatorship and the plundering of national wealth, and so on.

For this reason, those individuals and groups who nurture lust for power and ambition, openly oppose the proposal, thought, and ideology of the Free Iran Renaissance. They began to confront it from the outset, spreading accusations, insults, and other forms of defamation against me and the Erfan Keyhani Halgheh school. However, these individuals will ultimately be disgraced, and the legitimacy of the Renaissance will be proven.

Therefore, the political view of Erfan Keyhani Halgheh school, in terms of the governance of the nation and its management, is evident, well-defined and transparently presented.

Therefore, any individual acting within the framework of the Erfan Keyhani Halgheh school must align their political viewpoint with ‘Interuniversalism’, which, as a matter of course, leads to the understanding of the ‘Manifesto for Free Iran Renaissance.

However, everyone has the right to choose any political system they desire and vote for any individual or individuals they prefer to govern that system. Certainly, no one is obligated in this regard.

Considering the fact that this school of thought maintains its independent thinking and ideology in all matters, including politics, and it adheres to the concept of ‘Interuniversalism’, which is an anti-slavery ideology (from which the idea of the Free Iran Renaissance has emerged), based on the teachings of this school, one cannot claim to follow Erfan Keyhani Halgheh while supposedly supporting political slavery. In this regard, this school looks for individuals who can bring the transformative thinking of the ‘Renaissance’ into the society as a lesson from Erfan and strive for human prosperity and the eradication of injustice and oppression.

In summary, there is no obligation for anyone to adhere to the political viewpoints of the Renaissance, driven from Erfan Keyhani Halgheh school. However, using this platform to promote other movements is clearly a violation and, in my view, a blatant injustice against the Iranian people, paving the way for future dictatorship in Iran.

Therefore: Using the position, potential, and platform of Erfan Keyhani Halgheh school (such as being a member or trainer of the school) to advertise and support individuals who oppose ‘the Free Iran Renaissance’ is strictly prohibited as an obvious violation. It is my undeniable right to present my own ideology, which is aimed at defending the plundered and oppressed Iranian nation, and to stand for it. I have also established the Taheri Peace Organization for this reason. Individuals are also free to either accept it or pursue other superior thinking. In this regard, given that all questions have already been answered, excuses such as having questions or criticisms without submitting any questions to me, so that I can respond in the form of an announcement, are not acceptable. Because all the subjects have already been presented clearly and transparently. However, some supporters of various movements intend to draw individuals away from Erfan Keyhani Halgheh school and lead them astray.

Furthermore, from now on, instead of aligning ourselves with politicians, we will make every effort to introduce the ‘Manifesto (Declaration) for the Free Iran Renaissance’ to the masses, in order to prevent the emergence of a new dictatorship by raising awareness among people. All supporters of Erfan Keyhani Halgheh school are accordingly invited. This is a unique opportunity for all those who claim to oppose injustice, seek liberation from slavery, and defend the truth, to put themselves to a practical test in real-life action.

Mohammad Ali Taheri

Founder of Erfan Keyhani Halgheh school & Taheri Peace Organization

April 12th, 2023 / Toronto