Taheri Movement Social Networks

Taheri Movement X (Twitter) account was launched in 2016 with the aim of advocating for the freedom of Master Mohammad Ali Taheri and providing news coverage of his situation in captivity. After a while, it expanded its focus to include human rights and peace issues and highlighting the conditions of other prisoners in collaboration with other human rights activists inside and outside Iran. After the release of Master Mohammad Ali Taheri, the coverage of news continued through the Erfan-e Keyhani Halgheh media outlet, and it is now more cohesively engaged in pursuing activities related to intellectual freedom and human rights issues, in line with the objectives of Taheri Peace Organization.

Taheri Movement Instagram account is dedicated to providing news coverage and content related to Erfan-e Keyhani Halgheh Society; and the Twitter account is active in line with the objectives of the Society, and supporting the official pages of Master Mohammad Ali Taheri.

Taheri Movement Telegram Supergroup was launched with the aim of uniting and integrating the esteemed members of Erfan-e Keyhani Halgheh Society. Additionally, it aims to provide training on creating Twitter accounts, tweeting methods, and other related activities to foster empathy and solidarity in campaigns and Tweetstorms for the freedom of Master Mohammad Ali Taheri and other prisoners. Following the release of the esteemed master, this group continues its activities by providing training, addressing Twitter-related questions and ambiguities, and news coverage of all Mohammad Ali Taheri’s official accounts.

Taheri Movement Telegram Channel is dedicated to promoting intellectual freedom and human rights news from the official accounts of Master  Mohammad Ali Taheri, as well as latest tweets from Taheri Movement Twitter accounts, and latest updates on Tweetstorms and campaigns.