An Overview of the History of Civil Activities
Civil Rights

The rights that ensure individuals’ ability to participate in civic life by granting them the freedom to do so, without discrimination or suppression. All human beings have the right to life and security based on gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, freedom of thought, religion, etc. Every individual has the right to use their civil rights in self-defense and freedom of assembly and association, for which the governments are obligated to provide the entire society with necessary conditions. In this regard, since the 2010s, members of Erfan Keyhani Halgheh Society have organized protests and gatherings worldwide, including Iran, to protest against the suppression and torture of freethinkers, particularly in support of Mohammad Ali Taheri. However, the natural right to use civil rights in Iran has led to the arrest of members of this society and long-term imprisonment of some of them. An overview of these peaceful protests is presented as follows.

Gatherings of Erfan Keyhani Halgheh Society in the world from 2015 to 2019