The Charter for Councils
Principles of the Charter for ‘Environmental Councils’ of Taheri Peace Organization

In the Name of God

This charter has been established to serve humans and the Earth, and aims to pursue strategies and find solutions that can lead to effective actions in this direction.

Article 1:  Scope of Activity

Taheri Peace Organization, drawing from the concepts of Interuniversalism and the ‘Universe-Citizen’ viewpoint endeavors to lay the necessary groundwork for the attainment of this crucial objective by recognizing the above values and raising awareness at all levels of the society, as well as offering fundamental solutions to improve the quality of life through introduction of books, magazines, articles, production of film and documentaries, and training courses.

● Activities are pursued through Taheri Peace Organization aiming at world peace promotion, supporting human rights, and preserving the environment to save the Earth. These efforts are aligned with the scope of activities (based on the codified principles of Erfan Keyhani Halgheh).

Principle 1- Promoting the Knowledge (Maᶜrefat)-based foundation of world peace and peaceful coexistence with the environment in alignment with comprehensive progress and environmental goals for the purpose of reaching sustainable development.

Principle 2- Applying research findings in relevant councils by organizing knowledge and research workshops to achieve the goals of Taheri Peace Organization.

Principle 3- Promoting the expansion of peace with the universe and the perception of Uni-body based on the viewpoint of Interuniversalism, which is among the main pillars of this society.

Principle 4- Disseminating environmental activities to cleanse nature in line with serving the environment which is one of the responsibilities of human beings on the Earth.

Principle 5- Training and encouraging individuals to raise the culture of coexistence with each other and the environment, with a Universe-Citizen approach in order to provide the foundation for the elevation of world peace.

Principle 6- Providing the grounds for awareness and elevating the knowledge of Kamāl (Spiritual Perfection), assisting humans understand & comprehend the meaning of living to achieve alignment with the unique habitat of humans (the Earth).

Principal 7- Offering management and encouraging participation in conscious environmental care to improve quality of life without endangering the environment and the lives of future generations.

Principal 8- Establishment of community-based councils and educational camps to take effective actions to raise awareness about human rights, for the purpose of ascertaining human dignity and integrity, promoting world peace, saving the Earth, and providing principled solutions for achieving transformative and systematic changes to enhance human life quality.

■ Article 2: Individuals can engage formally and informally (without obtaining official permission) in activities aligned with the goals of Taheri Peace Organization (human rights, promoting world peace, Interuniversalism approach, and environmental preservation). (Further explanation at the end of the text)

■ Article 3: Conditions for Membership in councils of Taheri Peace Organization

Taheri Peace Organization membership is available through the website: by obtaining a volunteer code and issuing membership card.

Note 1: The items highlighted in blue in this charter (Taheri Peace Organization membership and formal activities) are not currently active, but they will be launched in near future.

Note 2: Right now, environmental cleanup councils can start their activities so that the arrangement of other initiatives becomes gradually possible.

Environmental councils can submit their proposal and activity reports to us through the announced channels on Taheri Peace Organization website.