Objectives of Taheri Peace Organization

Taheri Peace Organization was established on March 21, 2021 by Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of the ‘Erfan Keyhani Halgheh’ school, the T-consciousness Fields theorist and discoverer of their practical application in various areas, including two complementary medicines of Faradarmani and Psymentology. Taheri Peace Organization is committed to taking effective practical and theoretical steps, in cooperation with proposals and programs of other organizations and institutions, to improve the devastating state of our Earthly planet.

In this viewpoint, human beings must elevate their outlook so that they do not perceive their home as if only confined to their city or country. They have chosen the Earth as their dwelling, and it belongs to everyone. If the Earth is endangered, regardless of which homeland one belongs to, all individuals will suffer, just like a ship and its passengers.

In an elevated point of view, the founder of this school has also introduced the doctrine of Interuniversalism, portraying human beings as belonging to the cosmos (universe). Over thousands of years, the creators of ‘meaning’ and ‘value’ have overlooked self-awareness and their status in the universe as well as their exceptional value in relation to other creatures. As a result, not only have they failed to achieve growth and progress, but also, they are subjected to extensive decline in many areas. In other words, humans have lagged behind in recognizing their existential truth and have not even been able to attain their positional value, which, like a secure ship, safeguards them on the magnificent ocean of the cosmos.

In line with the founder’s theories, this website has embarked on promoting sustainable global peace, human rights, environmental protection, and other sublime human objectives. May it take steadfast steps in that direction, with the help and support of almighty God.