History of Taheri Peace Organization

In the name of God

With the grace of God, the Almighty, on the blessed first day of spring when nature with all its manifestations inscribes the message of renewal, freshness, and life upon aroused and awakened hearts; also, on the first day of the fifteenth solar Hijri century, the establishment of Taheri Peace Organization is announced.

The most important means of achieving this sublime goal and the forefront of the organization’s movement, will be the expansion of divine knowledge-seeking. The strategic belief of this organization maintains that as long as human beings do not seek their existential philosophy on the Earth and do not find a meaning for their existence and life in here, they will misapprehend the world’s goal merely as an attempt to struggle for survival, thus a futile and vain justification for greater monopolization and broader power-seeking. 

In this regard, “Interuniversalism” is introduced to proclaim that the Earth belongs to all human beings; and to preserve it, we must refrain from any war and bloodshed, destruction of nature and environmental pollution, homelessness and displacement of human beings due to injustice and oppression resulted from war and insecurity (that halt development, undermine nature and consequently destroy it). Humanity should not spare any effort in this critical period.

With perception of the philosophy of Peace-man (Saleh) Status based on peace with God, peace with oneself, and peace with others, we shall also make a concerted effort in this regard to promote peace in the world.

Wishing For World Peace Promotion
Mohammad Ali Taheri
Toronto,  May 21, 2021