Draft Declaration (Manifesto) for the Free Iran Renaissance
Petition to renunciate Citizenship from the Islamic Republic Regime

Hereby, Taheri Peace Organization initiates the Renunciation of IRI Citizenship Campaign so that all freethinkers, in a symbolic act of support, can display the Islamic Republic regime’s lack of legitimacy to the relevant international communities.
Renunciation of citizenship is a legal act aimed at delegitimizing the Islamic Republic’s despotic and dictatorial regime and indicates a complete cessation of hope for any establishment of justice and law in defense of the absolute rights of Iranian people. This act does NOT mean the renunciation of citizenship of Iran. To demonstrate your objection to the irrational regime of the Islamic Republic and join the Renunciation of IRI Citizenship Campaign, sign below. The letters signed will be presented to the United Nations to signify the Islamic Republic regime’s lack of legitimacy.

Worship is nothing but serving humanityThe lack of global peace is due to the lack of global awarenessThe ecosystem is an artist whose works are never repetitivePreserving the Earth is the top priority of the ecosystem
Taheri Peace Organization

Taheri Peace Organization was established on March 21, 2021 by Mohammad Ali Taheri- the founder of “Erfan-e Keyhani Halgheh” and the discoverer of T-Consciousness Fields theory and their diverse practical application in various fields, including two complementary medicines of Faradarmani and Psymentology. The organization is committed to take effective practical and theoretical steps alongside the proposals and programs of other organizations and institutions, to improve the tumultuous state of this earthly planet.

Scope of Activities

Taheri Peace Organization, seeks to promote sustainable peace, peaceful living, expansion of justice and environment protection.


Any warmongering action and any type of act that endangers global peace, threatens the security and tranquility of nations, and leads to the displacement and homelessness of human beings and defenseless individuals, is condemned…