Human Rights
Human Rights from the Viewpoint of Taheri Peace Organization

Human rights are among the most essential needs of human beings that have been violated throughout history. Every individual should be aware of these undeniable rights, so that he can stand against those who violate the fundamental and primary rights of humans for their own power-seeking, monopolistic tendencies as well as corrupt thoughts, and refuse to allow such exploitation and abuse.

By exploring the concept of ‘Human Uni-bodyErfan-e Keyhani Halgheh has taken a step toward determining, explaining and emphasizing the humans’ rights aiming to demonstrate that:

1. Without any distinction, all individuals are entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights regardless of their race, color, gender, language, religion, political beliefs, or any other belief, social and national origin, property, place of birth, or any other status. In addition, there should be no distinction among individuals based on their political position, judicial territory as well as international status of their country or the homeland to which they belong, regardless of whether their homeland is independent, under occupation, non-self-governing or subject to any restrictions on their sovereignty.
2. All humans possess inherent integrity, freedom, and equality.
3. All humans are entitled to live freely and independently, and under no circumstances should they be considered or treated as slaves.
4. All humans are entitled to freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom after speech, freedom of religion and religious sect, and the freedom to change religion, freedom to establish an association and participate in it, and so on.
5. All humans are entitled to access healthcare & medical services, free education and public insurance, etc.
6. …

In light of the aforementioned matters and whatever is stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, through the Doctrine of ‘Interuniversalism’, Erfan-e Keyhani Halgheh rejects the idea of human sovereignty over human beings, based on human integrity and by examining human beings’ status in the universe as well as the principle of abstaining from slavery.  Instead it recognizes the administration of various societies, from governmental to private organizations, as being similar to board of directors. Therefore, Taheri Peace Organization suggests adding certain provisions for this purpose to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and they include:

The sovereignty of human beings over human beings is reprehensible.

(The governance of a country should only be carried out through the election of representatives as members of the board of directors for the purpose of managing it, rather than those who consider themselves as the owners and rulers of the nation, seizing the control of their lives, property, and honor of the people and subjecting them to their whims).


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