The Environment

In the plan of creation, aside from humans, no other being is self-aware of its identity and does not know its moving direction and position in existence. Only humans are able to give meaning to their presence in the vast field of existence and create their own life path.

– As long as mankind acknowledges his position in existence, including the cosmic ecosystem, the terrestrial ecosystem, and the environment, he will always be lost and confused and trapped in wars, corruption, poverty, hunger, and so on. The continuation of this trend leads to environmental destruction and subsequently poses a threat of natural disasters, which in turn, subjects humans to the consequences of divine wrath.

The chaotic and disordered image of the Earth is the result of a mindset that indicates humans have not yet found out their cosmopolitan identity (Interuniversalism) and due to lack of cognition, understanding and perception of their existential philosophy, they have turned the Earth into a battleground for their selfishness, propelling it towards destruction and ruin in the pursuit of their own interests.

Therefore, the lack of ‘International’ identity of the human being, has created the most sorrowful situation for the Earth. The number of individuals who perceive and act upon the meaning and concept of the environment is few. In this regard, the Principle of Encompassment reminds us that the ‘encompassing’ is True and Absolute in relation to the ‘encompassed’, and has originality. The ‘encompassed’ is always bound and dependent on what’s encompassing it. Just like the human being who is dependent on his ecosystem and environment. The relation of a passenger to a ship is similar to this. If the number of passengers on the ship is so high that the possibility of the ship sinking exists, the propriety is to preserve the safety of the ship.

Life benefits from an extraordinary design. As long as humans fail to discover the design of creation and neglect to pursue their purpose, they perceive their function as preserving their interests and perceive their position as encompassing life. They try their hardest to fulfill their desires and end up endangering existence itself.

The Principle of Encompassment, in its relevant definitions, refers to a part of the human identity against the ‘encompassing’, which has abnormally dominated the ecosystem and has moved it away from symphasy with the cosmic. The lack of a clear biological definition of the human being, is cause of abnormality of the humanity in facing the environment and their lack of symphasy with the cosmos which has embraced them compassionately.

It is necessary for us to look at the universe with respect and while preserving the Earth and prompting human rights, we need to strive to establish sustainable peace on the Earth. Humanity’s current need to preserve environmental values is greater than ever before. Achieving this important and vital issue is one of the sublime objectives of Taheri Peace Organization, aiming to provide a foundation for improvement of actions and environment revival. 

Interuniversalism Viewpoint

Interuniversalism viewpoint refers to the elevation of human thought to a global level. This viewpoint encourages us to align our behavior with our position and situation in the universe, so that we can follow a Kamālistical (with Spiritual Perfection tendency) mindset.

The Human being stands at a point where he deeply needs to understand the Whole, to achieve this crucial goal, he must liberate his circle of thoughts from limitations and refrain from getting caught up in trivial or insignificant details in order to succeed in implementing sublime goals by embracing the concept of ‘universe-citizen’.

If the human being fails to discover the purpose of his existence on this unique planet, and why he inhabits it, he will inevitably be solely focused on securing his own personal interests, as a result, the Earth will suffer the consequences of such thinking.

Centuries of experience in dealing with conflict, wars, and disputes have shown that humans have missed their golden opportunities and have not found anything to resort to, because this information has not been aligned with the knowledge of Kamāl (Spiritual Perfection) and the Whole Intellect; Therefore, human being has turned around himself in vain.

In the Interuniversalism viewpoint of Erfan-e Halgheh, God is studied as fitting for true knowledge of Him, preparing the individual’s mind for such comprehension. Within this thinking, God is omnipresent and the world realm is the presence of God.

He is not merely the God of the heavens, as our subconsciousness has often confined Him to that place alone; overlooking Him being closer to us than the neck vein. We fail to even feel Him next to us and on the Earth. God belongs to all places and times. But humans address Him in times of need and have no interaction with Him when they don’t feel the need.

Now is the time to reassess our perception of the meaning and concept of life that creates awareness and Knowledge (Maᶜrefat) for us in practice.

Healthy Personality

According to the Psymentology viewpoint, humans have always been wanderers, and life may seem like cycles of meaningless repetitions, turning into a futile, pointless movement, unless they find answers for the philosophy of life and reason for their existence. Humans must find a sense of purpose to be alive and through this, pursue an ideal that ignites the necessity of cultivating a healthy personality, which is an inherent characteristic of humans.

A healthy personality is someone who is in symphasy, synchronicity, and alignment with the universe and does not have any dictatorship over time and Heavenly sphere and appreciates the value of each. Therefore, he does not waste his time in idleness and eliminates worthless and futile activities from his schedule. This character is equipped with crisis management skills and does not get overwhelmed in various life situations. He has mastered the art of navigating through the turbulent waves of life and knows well how to get through them and maintain control of all matters with his strong crisis management skills.

In the Viewpoint of Taheri Peace Organization

Normality refers to having a healthy personality and being in line with the same goals of the ecosystem (Terrestrial and Cosmic). As a very small member of this system, human beings must fully and correctly fulfill their role within it, which includes respecting all components of the universe.

In this regard, abnormality refers to any perception (Mentality) and feeling (Psychality) that is deviant and incompatible with the universe, in which both oneself and others are considered as part of this universe.

In other words, every choice and encounter is examined and efforts are made to ensure the individual is on the path of symphasy with the universe.

Normality begins when humans treat the entire universe with respect, enabling them to properly organize other existing issues with this viewpoint.

In this viewpoint, one who lacks respect for the environment is considered abnormal, even if they are psychologically healthy according to common standards.

According to Taheri Peace Organization, no human being has the right to disturb and endanger their habitat, which is like a floating ship on the ocean of existence.

Therefore, although complete physical, psychological, and social well-being are crucial for managing anxiety and concern and significantly impact the health of the body, mind, and psych, they are not the ultimate determinants and are by no means sufficient. Even the wealthiest individuals may lack a healthy personality and have an unhealthy mind, psyche, and body, having lost their identity in pursuit of a goal divergent from those of the ecosystem, thus contributing to its destruction.

Human from another outlook & Psymentology

from the collection of the books by the founder of Erfan-e Keyhani Halgheh
Mohammad Ali Taheri