One of the objectives of Taheri Peace Organization is to perceive the ‘unity’ prevailing in the universe. In fact, the universe is cohesive, with unity and coherence governing it, and humans must understand that no part can exist without the existence of other components.

If humans come to perceive this unity, they will no longer object to the existence of anything in the universe, and they will appreciate the necessity of each of the elements in this vast ensemble. They will comprehend that the creation of no creature or phenomenon is meaningless, and even the smallest elements of the world play a role in achieving the greatest goals of creation.

In the world of Erfan, the world of unity refers to a realm where humans come to the understanding of the ‘Uni-body’ (unified body) of the world of existence; A world where all its components are considered divine manifestations. The purpose of this Erfanic approach is to assist humans in reaching Kamāl (Spiritual perfection) and enduring peace.

According to the principles of the Erfan-e Keyhani Halgheh School, the philosophy of human creation is the attainment of Kamāl (spiritual perfection) and the shift from multiplicity to unity, a movement justified by their free-will. Since the design of unity and coherence in existence is purposeful and follows a grand plan, like the creation of the universe, it must yield a result worthy of the  creativity of the Creator; therefore, the creation of the universe cannot be futile and meaningless.

Therefore, any shift from unity to multiplicity and causing division within the human society, from any viewpoint, is considered an act against Kamāl.

In transitioning from multiplicity to unity, the world of Knowledge (Maᶜrefat) is intertwined with comprehending the position of Peac-man (Ṣāleḥ), with the goal of promoting world peace. As a result, through the perception of Uni-body (unified body), mankind explores a new experience of stages of peace, no-opposition state, and satisfaction with the overall plan of creation.

According to the viewpoint of Erfan-e Keyhani Halgheh, the ultimate goal of creation and human presence in existence is to reach Kamāl through ’comprehending unity and reconciliation with the whole.’ Accordingly, the central focus of the Taheri Peace Organization, by moving towards unity, is pursuing a purposeful and coherent approach in establishing and promoting world peace.

Human and Knowledge

from the collection of the books by the founder of Erfan-e Keyhani Halgheh
Mohammad Ali Taheri